Mutual Aid Donation

Mutual Aid a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit.  These donations are made possible by Wholesome Bundles Creation + Curation and most importantly the community who make this donation possible with every bundle. Our donations are a community effort to provide multi-tiered support for our communities.

After every bundle, we donate.

We are working on our next opportunity.

Stay informed about our latest bundle, our donations, and the creators that are making impactful content for their communities.

About Our Mutual Aid Programs

We aren’t just a marketing company-or a bundle company. We are an organization. At Wholesome Bundles, we believe in equal opportunity, and in doing so we recognize that the ability to create, sell, and run a business requires support.  This is why 5% of every bundle is donated. These donations are crafted campaigns. We utilize and leverage social media, our collaborators support, and our community to share about our current donation and reach the right folks. This process usually takes a few months after the bundle is complete, it is often the most fulfilling part of our work. 

Check Back Soon.

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