Creation + Community

Crafting opportunities for communities to share their work by offering short term sales + community donation through bundle curation.

Our Bundles

Once in a Blue Moon, we offer a curated bundle of 20+ online resources from a candid niche, and sell them for a discount in a timely seven day period.

I have never heard of anything like this, but it is intriguing to me. I love your commitment and that it will help those who may not otherwise be able to access it!
We spend months vetting creators and their content in search of the most nurturing and noteworthy resources in the most engaging social communities.

Crafting The Bundle

We initiate a collaboration between ourselves and creators to offer their online resources for a fraction of their current cost for the benefit of their community.


We then launch the offer for a limited time providing an accessible offering which you can truly cherish.


5% of the total sales are donated to communities to pursue learning on a path similar to that of the current bundle.


Why a Bundle?

 To create a truly accessible resource of courses and digital works that supports honest niches, pure craftsmanship, and community care.

Mutual Aid

 5 % of sales goes to support and enhance community structures by donating to mutual aid funds.

About Us

As a creator, finding ways to support my life and work has always required some creativity. A few times a year, an opportunity would arise to submit one of my digital resources into a collaboration project. This was an opportunity to share my work, explore different audiences, and receive compensation. Given this online accessibility for all parties, I chose to utilize these opportunities.

Along the way, I had an idea. That idea was to create an accessible community resource dedicated to ethical niches, pure craftsmanship, and community care. That idea is: Wholesome Bundles.

So, here’s what makes it different. Wholesome Bundles is an online resource offering opportunities for communities to share their work in an ethical and transparent way by offering accessible rates and mutual aid.

What this means is that Bundles will be carefully selected and vetted, compensation rates will be fair, marketing must be transparent, and 5% of every bundle gets donated to a mutual aid fund. 

Bundles, as a creator, sparked the vision of resource, community, and support. As an organizer, these are the foundations applied to each and every launch.

Our Model

 When we aren’t creating, curating and collaborating we are diligently running campaigns to distribute the mutual aid funds to the community.

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